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December 2022
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2007 7:39 pm by rick
Hey guys! me and a few guys form dodian have just made this litle web to help you! this is a help forum need help ask here! have a question ask here! well u know the stuff just post register and stay activate!


global mods on dodian are global mods on here same with player mods and forum mods they all have differant positions.

add our myspace at!

add our msn at!

also u can request for speicel ranks if we approve it.

Affiliates: pm me or hadees to have your site affiliated! or post in the last topic inthe forums with a litle banner and uplod it to with the image tag's and we will add it in return you must ADD YOUR'S





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Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2007 4:37 pm by rick
fuck this site im no longer wrking on it the new website is at

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New forum + you!
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2007 2:54 pm by rick
ok guys ive been getting bord and as you all know i like to make new forums and take them to the next level. so i was beggining to tink about making a new one on forum5 and have a team of staff. i dont know what to call the website or the url or anything so if you want to be a part of the team register and post here. if you do NOT want to join the dev team do NOT post here. if you are go to the shoutobx now.

dev team:


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Operation has begun
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2007 3:39 pm by rick
as many of u know we have started on a new project on forum5 heres the forum: it is under construction due to making a new logo aing a few buttons and adding the forums and groups it will b up within 1-2 hours.


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Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2007 3:50 pm by rick
Since many people around Uber have many differing views on Luring, I'll explain it right here.

Luring has differed ever since Uber came out. However, when a BOSS is moved off their spawn, that is luring. If it is a normal monster, it isn't luring. List of bosses include Dad, San Tojalon, Black Knight Titan, Nechryael, Ice Queen, and Arzinian Avatar of Magic. If you still move a monster through an object or wall, it is luring through a wall, which is abuse. Please, we are asking people not to get technical and there can be accidents and glitches with the monsters. If one goes through the wall and no one did it, don't blame someone.

I hope that clears up a bit about luring.

Some Herblore updates;

Druids now drop Eyes of Newt.
Potions are now drinkable.
The doors in Taverly that do not work will be fixed soon, as well as one-clicking the banker.

I will also note the current prices, as some people find it varying alot;

Guam Leaf - 15k-25k
Tarromin - 25k-35k
Ranarr Weed - 40-50k

Eyes of Newt - 5k-10k
Limpwurt Root - 50k-60k
White Berries - 80k-90k

We hope you understand what luring is now to full extent, and the current herblore updates.


~The Uber Staff

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Forum free : Dodian - Portal Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2007 3:48 pm by rick
Today Brings the awaited skill of Herblore, Along with many more monsters being introduced to the game. The update itself is based around Taverley which can be accessed via the Spellbook. 6th Teleportation spell from the top. The Skill can be trained by making potions with the Herbs you get from either killing the Monsters and recieving their drops or buying them from another Player. The Monsters released are Zamorak Mages located just North-West of the Teleport spot in Taverley next to the alter and the Hill giants which are located west of the teleport spot.

Forum free : Dodian - Portal Zammymages
Here are the Zamorak Mages, the newly released herblore monsters.
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Killz
These are the Hill giants which are also released today.
If your thinking that you are going to have to keep going back to yanille to go back to the bank, Do not worry! Another small addition to the update is a Banker which is located in the house just north of the teleport spot. Which means you won't have to waste your time going back and forth to a bank located in a totally different place to Taverley.
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Banker-1
There is a herblore shop located just south of the teleport spot where you can buy Vials and other Herblore items,
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Herbloreshop
Just a little west of the shop is the druids which drop a range of herbs and other items.
Forum free : Dodian - Portal Druids-2

We hope you enjoy this update! Just as much as we do!

From Uber Staff.

Note: The Monsters and place are for free-players the Herblore Skill is for premium players.]

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