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 X l3g3nd x guide

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PostSubject: X l3g3nd x guide   X l3g3nd x guide Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2007 4:03 pm

My Dodian Guide!

I'll be honest I have kinda cheated with this guide, got some of the info from other guides but then again I donít really care, lol even though I have put it in my own words.

Training Guide
So your new to Dodian, lol little nooby level 3 and have no clue what to train on but rats.
3-10 Combat, Kill rats till a combat of 10+.

11-25 Combat, Getting better, well anyway now its off to the chickens, sound noobier but trust me more exp, well anyway kill them to level 25+.

26-50 Combat, to easy to kill rats and chickens now, why not try the druids just round the corner.

51-70 Combat, well well, a lot stronger than before arenít we just. Anyhow why not try the moss giants! Maybe even get some addy drops.

71- 90 Combat, FIRST BOSS!! Lol anyway kill the dad till you get the red key quite a hard drop for me but your different probably much more luckier.

90-126 Combat, fire giants drop some good stuff and also give a whopping 6600 exp! Now thatís a lot of exp, anyhow these things drop stuff like white boots, white gloves, coins, d meds, Jorge bones. Well enjoy,

Also there are many others to kill like the San ToJalon drops the rare dragon, legends capes and orange key, well anyhow why not try the Black Knight, drops loadsa things like, Obsidian cape, Amulet of glory and much more.

Well also premiums have different bosses and different monsters, like the Necyreal and the Infernal mages and the HellhoundsÖ. Oh and yeah the Ice queen free members aswell as premiums can get their! 40 mining is needed aswell btw!

Money making guide.
Well I know there is more than one way to make cash but why not try my favourite, Hi-Alching, well anyway you need to mine rune ess first then make into nature runes, then make your bow or whatever you are wishing to alch and alch away, for example why not make magic longs they hi alch for a wopping 7002 gp!!!!! Wowza! 1k of them and you got 7m! Anyway if you cant make them donít be upset just fletch and fletch and fletch till you can, here is the bow alching pricesÖ.

Bow Prices!
Oak Short(u)- 159 gold
Oak Short- 312 gold
Oak Long(u)- 252 gold
Oak long- 489 gold
Willow Short(u)- 312 gold
Willow Short- 609 gold
Willow Long(u)- 489 gold
Willow Long- 954 gold
Maple short(u)- 609 gold
Maple short- 1182 gold
Maple Long(u)- 954 gold
Maple Long- 1854 gold
Yew short(u)- 1182 gold
Yew short- 2298 gold
Yew Long(u)- 1854 gold
Yew Long- 3603 gold
Magic Short(u)- 2298 gold
Magic Short- 4464 gold
Magic Long(u)- 3603 gold
Magic Long- 7002 gold

Monster & Woodcutting Exp
Rats: 300 exp
Chickens: 1500 exp
Solider: 1680 exp
Druid: 1800 exp
Moss Giant: 3600 exp
Battle Mage: 6000 exp
Hero: 4980 exp
Fire Giant: 6600 exp
Arzinian Avatar Of Magic: 12000 exp
Dad: 9000 exp
San Tojalon: 29160 exp

Normal Logs: 1400 exp (50 per log)
Oak Logs: 2128 exp (76 per log)
Willow Logs: 3898 exp (139 per log)
Maple Logs: 5600 exp (200 per log)
Yew Logs: 9800 exp (350 per log)
Magic Logs: 14000 exp (500 per log)

Well thanks if you read my guide , and hopefully i will be realeasing a newer one soon but for now ENJOY!!!

- The One And Only X Leg3nd X
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PostSubject: Re: X l3g3nd x guide   X l3g3nd x guide Icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2008 8:16 pm

man gratz u do a god job here rem am giving 25% of money on dodian looking for max 5people and giving some of the savings to someone work very good also talk to green bay
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X l3g3nd x guide
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