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 Here is the best money guide

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Here is the best money guide Empty
PostSubject: Here is the best money guide   Here is the best money guide Icon_minitimeMon Dec 08, 2008 12:00 pm

santa Merry christmas every one caused i did this december 8 in school but i will post another guide when i get to my house lol! \

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I just got the secret im a level 105 and still a noob i dint know how to make money well for everyone out there No you dont need a pure Very Happy all what you need is a level 3-126 affraid yes for real dont get scared they easier way is merchant since not even knew what was it ill tell it to you
money takes money so you need to waste some of your's.

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First if you dont want you dont even need to level up all what you need is alch wich will take normal spells and mining 20 for rune essence get a minimum of 6k of runeessence then get 6k of magic long bow a(u) of corse i will make a guide of selling and how will the price change's with time.

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Ok now you need to alch i will se dont use an auto cliker it will log you out and a scroll paper will apear wich you need to do manually stay doing this for 2 days in total and you will get 30 million buy some stuff for you and train depending if you want melle buy melle stuff etc. then sell it whe the price go up/i forgot with bow you need flax so you can make 7598.

Thanks for seeing this guide comment guide and merry Dodian millions santa
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Here is the best money guide
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