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PostSubject: LURING + HERBLORE   LURING + HERBLORE Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2007 3:50 pm

Since many people around Uber have many differing views on Luring, I'll explain it right here.

Luring has differed ever since Uber came out. However, when a BOSS is moved off their spawn, that is luring. If it is a normal monster, it isn't luring. List of bosses include Dad, San Tojalon, Black Knight Titan, Nechryael, Ice Queen, and Arzinian Avatar of Magic. If you still move a monster through an object or wall, it is luring through a wall, which is abuse. Please, we are asking people not to get technical and there can be accidents and glitches with the monsters. If one goes through the wall and no one did it, don't blame someone.

I hope that clears up a bit about luring.

Some Herblore updates;

Druids now drop Eyes of Newt.
Potions are now drinkable.
The doors in Taverly that do not work will be fixed soon, as well as one-clicking the banker.

I will also note the current prices, as some people find it varying alot;

Guam Leaf - 15k-25k
Tarromin - 25k-35k
Ranarr Weed - 40-50k

Eyes of Newt - 5k-10k
Limpwurt Root - 50k-60k
White Berries - 80k-90k

We hope you understand what luring is now to full extent, and the current herblore updates.


~The Uber Staff
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