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 Big Money Xx100MxX

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PostSubject: Big Money Xx100MxX   Big Money Xx100MxX Icon_minitimeTue Aug 12, 2008 9:01 am

This is my guide to getting big mony in dodian in no time. I'll Start off if you just started and your a lvl 3.

First what you do is get your mining and Woodcutting up.

XxXx You MUST spend a week on these skills before big money xXxX

Now after a week of trainin you should have around 70 mining and 80 woodcutting and 80 fletching. I reccommend what ever you get you fletch because it will help you later on.

Now in this week of training you must get these few items...

15,000 rune essence. when you reach 30 mining you can get rune ess and after you get that much ess it is all upto you if you want to get more or get ores for smithing later on.

when you reach 70 woodcutting you can get mage logs so i say you do. You need about 5000 logs so it's okay if you pass 80 woodcutting just get it and it is pretty fast because it has a generic speed and I can get about 1000 in an hour maybe more if i take my time. after that you are set to make 30m plus. with your 80 fletchin make 2500 mage short bows and 2500 long bows. these sell on the street for 2k ea but you can make 4k ea and im ganna tell you how. If you are a skiller sel them you still make good money.

now the ess comes into play. ess is fast to get so 15,000 should be no problem you get ab out 1000 in a half hour maybe 45 min. but now take 5000 of the ess and make nature runes at a natre alter located just outside of yaniell in the minin direction. the rest you can make into bloods and sell for 1k-1.2k ea thats a good 10-12m.

Now that you got 12m you are ready to make another 29.5m thats a total of 41.5m if you want to spend another week you can make 57.3m instead of 29.5 and that is by getting 5k bowstring at 2k ea and spendin your 10-12m and making the short (u) and long (u) magic bows into full bows. you take the 5k nats and use them yo alch your bows.

I estimate this...

Mage lvl - 70+

Woodcutting lvl - 80+

Runecrafting lvl - 80+ (if you make the bloods and not sell the ess)

Fletching lvl - 85+

Money lvl Razz - 41.5m or 57.3m if you make the bows.

Now I promised to get you to 100m and this is how you do it.

you will be a lvl 20 I am guessing with your mage lvl and maybe more if I am not wrong so people ill think you are weak so wear no armor and find high stakers and stake! If you are to scared an alternative can be to merch and i say you buy a whip for 40m no higher and since there is a demand but people are scared it might be duped the price varys a lot so when the time comes someone is buyin a whip or maybe more say 45-48m your choice and act stubbern and if they are in dire need the will collapse and buy it.

I just did my idea 1 1/2 times so I have 80m in a month but made another 40m by merching in about a week. and another 30m by staking and now im trying to sell my stuff to buy a phat.

If you are confused about anything try to contact me an dodian. ma name is king pwner1 king
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PostSubject: Re: Big Money Xx100MxX   Big Money Xx100MxX Icon_minitimeTue Dec 16, 2008 11:28 am

Hey i will like to know more information you will need 5g im currently getting 22m in a week that is equal to 88m a motnth and i fool around being straitgh doing something you can get 100-500m
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Big Money Xx100MxX
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